TREND T-shirts


The 2022 TREND shirt was inspired by the cohort's work on media projects, which were comics aimed at explaining their research to a general audience. Each panel in the shirt represents each TREND participant using their project to collectively harness chaos in the middle.


The 2021 TREND shirt was inspired by the year's Olympics and the complex chaotic system of multi-pendulums. The rings from the Olympics logo became bobs of the pendulum, and the year's participants are riding the swinging pendulum. The 1 in 2021 is a "vector broom", an inside joke of the cohort.


The 2020 TREND shirt was inspired by all the group Zoom meetings we had in our remote version of the program during the coronavirus pandemic. Students represented themselves as rodents (inside joke) doing something related to their research project. A butterfly is reference to the butterfly effect.


The 2019 TREND shirt was inspired by the recurring theme of "machine learning can do anything" the participants found in research talks, papers, and conversations. Turns out there are many things machine learning can't do (yet?). The list represented in a Buzzfeed list style and the key for each entry is probably somewhere in someone's email inbox. A double pendulum inspired the TREND element.


The TREND 2018 shirt shows pins for every researcher's hometown, converging with a pin at UMD. There's also a cheesy quote courtesy of cohort participant Jessica Christian.