🧩 Nonlinear Behaviors of 2D Materials for Environmental and Biological Sensors, Batteries, and Fuel Cells

Kevin Daniels

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Project type: Experiments

TChemical and environmental hazards pose a serious threat to national security and military and police personnel. Current sensors suffer from poor selectivity and sensitivity, typically ~10s ppm reduced reliability due to a high instance of false positives, and minimal durability with delicate chemical markers to selectively detect target molecules.

The project will establish large-scale growth of robust two-dimensional transition metal oxides films, with high chemical selectivity, on graphene, with exceptionally high electrical conductivity and chemical sensitivity, alongside sensor fabrication and testing chemical and environmental sensing with additional applications in biological sensing, medicine, energy storage, and electrodes for batteries, fuel cells, and supercapacitors due to the unusual charge transfer kinetics, optical and mechanical properties of both materials.

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