💠 Transport properties and electronic structure of silicon nanodevices with multiple quantum dots

Maicol Ochoa

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Project type: Computation and Theory

Quantum silicon devices that integrate a few quantum dots in atomically precise configurations are promising platforms for universal quantum computing and analog quantum simulations. The confinement, contact's properties, and externally applied fields modify the dopants' quantum state compared to the unperturbed bulk condition.

In this project, the student will numerically investigate the electronic structure and the nonlinear transport properties of dot arrays in model devices under several gates and source/drain potentials, utilizing our Schrodinger-Poisson solver.

Undergraduates working on this project will get hands-on experience in electronic structure calculations, nanoscale electron transport, and numerical simulations.

The student will explore the physics of nanoscale transistors and identify Fermi levels, quantum wavefunctions, charge distribution, and geometric factors in quantum electronic devices' performance.

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