TREND Mentors/Projects

🌀 Theoretical and Computational Studies of Emergence in Nonlinear Systems

Tom Antonsen, Michelle Girvan, Ed Ott

(Computation and Theory)

💫 Nonlinear Dynamics in Charged Particle Beam Systems

Brian Beaudoin

(Computation and Experiments)

✴ Time-Delayed Nonlinear Oscillators and Synchronization Patterns in Optoelectronic Networks

Yanne Chembo, Tom Murphy, Rajarshi Roy

(Computation and Experiments)

🧩 Nonlinear Behaviors of 2D Materials for Environmental and Biological Sensors, Batteries, and Fuel Cells

Kevin Daniels


🌞🔀🌏 Theoretical and Computational Studies of Magnetic Reconnection and the Dynamics of Energetic Particles

Jim Drake, Marc Swisdak

(Computation and Theory)

✨ Nonlinear Integrated Photonics

Avik Dutt, Carlos RĂ­os Ocampo

(Computation and Experiments)

🌪 Turbulence, Flows, Plasmas, and Machine Learning

Landry Horimbere, Dan Lathrop

(Computation and Experiments)

🌦 Numerical Weather Prediction with Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence

Kayo Ide


🔬 Dynamics of Living Systems

Wolfgang Losert

(Computation and Experiments)

💠 Exploring the Physics of Silicon Nanoscale Devices

Maicol Ochoa

(Computation and Theory)

🐠 Modeling the Dynamics of Underwater Robots

Derek Paley

(Computation and Experiments)

✳ Nonlinear Laser Matter Interactions

Phil Sprangle


🦠 Collective Behavior: Stochastic Kinetic Theory

Jeffrey Kuan, Konstantina Trivisa