🦠 Collective Behavior: Stochastic Kinetic Theory

Jeffrey Kuan

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Konstantina Trivisa

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Project type: Theory

Collective behavior dynamics are important in many natural systems such as gases, plasmas, bacteria moving, and birds flocking. These systems can be studied using kinetic theory, whereby the velocity and position of particles/agents is understood using distribution functions (through partial differential equations). A full understanding of the dynamics in these systems requires consideration stochastic (random) forces that act on the system as a whole, including wind, currents, and noise.

This TREND project will involve the use of mathematical tools to better understand the dynamics of collective phenomena and the role of stochasticity. Two likely phenomena of study will be (a) bacterial/bird/fish flocking and (b) plasma dynamics.

Students working on the project will undertake theoretical research to build models of these phenomena and test their predictive cabapibilities.

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