Media Projects

Each TREND participant develops a media piece whose goal is to explain their research to a broad audience. Check out below previous media projects.


Ariana Bussio (Beaudoin)

Comic on ion traps

Sara Earnest (Lathrop)

Comic on rock shape evolution modeling

Connor Hewson (Sprangle)

Comic on lasers

Autumn Jackson Bartholomew (Horimbere, Romero Talamas)

Comic on plasma fusion safety

Jacob Jeffries (Antonsen, Girvan)

Comic on reservoir computing

Jessica Jiang (Ochoa)

Comic on quantum Coulomb blockade

Aimen Khan (Daniels)

Comic on 2D gas sensors

Amanda Lucini (Chembo, Murphy, Roy)

Comic on optoelectronics

Marco Marrufo (Chembo, Murphy, Roy)

Comic on stability analysis

Lucas Vanhoever (Drake, Swisdak)

Comic on plasma dynamics (Best Media Project 2022)

Chloe Widman (Losert)

Comic on microscopic cell stimulation


Daniel Alex (Horimbere, Landreman)

Comic on stellarators

Paul Argyle (Sprangle)

Comic on masers

Leela Cañuelas (Paley)

Comic on robot fish control

Darrell Fischer (Losert)

Comic on gut dynamics

Esther Gallmeier (Chembo, Murphy, Roy)

Comic on optoelectronics

Shriya Haravu (Ochoa)

Comic on quantum transport

Zahra Heussen (Lathrop)

Comic on the research process

Ivan Jane (Horimbere, Swisdak)

Comic on plasma reconnection (Best Media Project 2021)

William Matava (Beaudoin)

Comic on linear accelerators

Kendra Rivers (Daniels)

Comic on 2D gas sensors


Gavin Blair (Sprangle)

Infographic on lasers

John Blue (Lathrop)

Website on pendulum dynamics

Emma Bran (Wilson)

Video on epidemiology modeling

Gavin Courtright (Daniels)

Video on 2D materials for gas sensing

Joseph Harvey (Antonsen, Girvan, Ott)

Poster on reservoir computing

Mary Flor Jacobo (Horimbere, Lathrop)

Art project on fluid vortices

Melissa Kissling (Losert)

Poster on focal adhesions

Ari Riggins (Paley)

Poster on complex applied statistics

Ambar Rodríguez Alicea (Beaudoin)

Website on AI for particle accelerators

Chelsea Russel (Antonsen, Girvan, Ott)

Podcast on reservoir computing (Best Media Project 2020)


Sarah Chang (Lathrop)

Website on convection

Nolan Coble and Joy Hamlin (Antonsen, Girvan, Ott)

Interactive diagram on reservoir computers (Best Media Project 2019)

Laramy Head (Losert)

Prezi on electricity-guided cell movement

David Jin and Juan Pablo Speer (Chembo, Murphy, Roy)

Interactive diagram on optoelectronic oscillators

Kush Maheshwari (Drake, Swisdak)

Poster on whistler waves

Rachel Slover (Paley)

Animated poster on bioinspired robots

Daniel Van Beveren (Lathrop)

Interactive diagram on vortices


Viktor Belay (Losert)

Video on cell motility studies

Daniel Belkin and Kyle Ritchie (Drake, Swisdak)

Animated diagram on pendulums

Jessica Christian (Hafezi)

Poster on light polarization

Tatiana Davidson Bajandas (Murphy, Roy)

Video on reservoir computing

William Fines-Kested (Lathrop)

Diagram on reservoir computing

Kathleen Hamilton (Beaudoin)

Interactive diagram on electron rings

José Ortiz Tavárez and Ben Ruben (Antonsen, Girvan, Ott)

Website on oscillators (Best Media Project 2018)

Shyline Santana (Paley)

Animated poster on underwater robots

Ethan van Woerkom (Murphy, Roy)

Blog on synchronization in chaotic networks

Helena Yoest (Lathrop)

Video on electrical discharges


Joseph Betz (Beaudoin)

Diagram on the Standard Model

Skylar Eiskowitz (Lathrop)

Animated poster on the Hall effect

Rebeckah Fussel and Alex Wikner (Antonsen, Girvan, Ott)

Video on neural networks (Best Media Project 2017)

Rebecca Melkerson

Interactive diagram on magnetic reconnection

Charlotte Slaughter and Dara Storer (Losert)

Animated poster on the Brazil nut effect

Elieen Stauffer (Montgomery)

Comic on the photoelectric effect

Nathan Super (Murphy, Roy)

Video on avalanches and granular flow

Emma Thackray (Paley)

Video on ocean flows

Hana Warner (Hafezi)

Diagram on time lensing


Kimberly Crain and David Hathcock (Antonsen, Girvan, Ott)

Website on neuronal network modeling

Kevin Fei (Murphy, Roy)

Website on noise and chaos

Savannah Gowen (Lathrop)

Animated poster on acoustic waves (Best Media Project 2016)

Ben Gruey (Beaudoin)

Fiction work on particle swarm optimization

Treacy Hanley (Hafezi)

Animated poster on mathematical topology

Thomas Hartke (Drake, Swisdak)

Interactive PDF on magnetic reconnection

Landry Horimbere (Lathrop)

Animated poster on plasmas

Molly Mosher (Losert)

Animated diagram on cell migration

Claudia Richoux (Beaudoin)

Website on particle accelerators


Alisa Babock (Hafezi)

Video on quantum optics

Remi Boros (Lathrop)

Video on quantum vortices

Eric Cooper and Dylan Powers (Losert)

Video on granular dynamics

Amy Davis (Paley)

Video on the circle problem for underwater robotics

Christopher Fritz (Murphy, Roy)

Article on synchronization

Nick McGreivy (Drake, Swisdak)

Video on solar flares

Michael Tripepi (Montgomery)

Video on photocathodes